#3: Can Meddling Help a First Date?

Follow Kate and David as they go on a first date. 

This week on Why Oh Why, Kate and David go on a first date at a bar in Brooklyn. You might remember these two from the focus group episode--David is the guy who asked Kate out at the end. And just for you, dear listeners, Andrea recorded every single moment.

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DAVID, 29: Since we last heard from David, he has gone on seven or eight dates—a mixture of Tinder and IRL. He hasn't found his true love yet, but after recently seeing a Nan Goldin photography exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, he realized how beautiful that feeling can be. His date with Kate taught him about about having confidence while flying blind, and he's glad he did it.

KATE, 25: Kate’s night of two first dates left her emotionally exhausted, and she’s taken a break from dating since then. She hasn’t been swiping on Tinder, or any of the other apps. Instead, Kate has been focusing on friends and family, and letting love come to her. She met a guy at a friend’s wedding recently, and he’s coming to visit soon. Oh, and she still loves Mad Men