#12: Oblique Strategies

Could wearing an apron be the solution to your host’s dating woes?

Single? Chances are, someone who is decidedly not single has given you advice lately. This week, Andrea askseconomist and journalist Tim Harford to vet the various dating advice she's heard from friends and fellow podcasters. Tim has a new book out called "Messy" about the value of bringing intentional disorder into your world.

One of the many podcasters offering advice in this episode is Mike Pesca from Slate's The Gist. You can hear their full conversation on episode #606, "Mike Debates His Former Producer About Dating." Plus, Helen Zaltzman, of The Allusionist podcast, concocts a weird way to attract dates, and Mallory Ortberg, from Slate's Dear Prudence podcast, might have the best advice of all.

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