Personal Ads For Podcast Lovers

Tinder finger sore? Sick of batting away all the dick pics on OK Cupid? Miss the good old days when you had lower standards? We’ve come up with the ultimate fix for your lonely bedroom hours — placing a totally free ad in your favorite podcast’s weekly newsletter. We post a new batch of personals in our newsletter each week, and remove listings after six weeks. 


28M writer + illustrator | Austin, TX | I'm seeking a woman who's kind, creative, empathetic, funny, and intelligent. What an intimidating list! I mostly want to find someone nice who shares my ability to obsess over pop culture. Oh, and I have a really cute dog. I'm @nickbachan on Twitter.


30F Boston looking for feminist, smart, animal-friendly dude to discuss nihilism under the stars, have fun with, and maybe date if we decide that's a good idea. IG: smithkelleyew

34F Boston writer/editor seeks guy who loves books, trying new bars and restaurants, absurd comedy, puns, and dogs. I also love these things, in addition to podcasts, long conversations, cheese, walks, and weekend trips. Tell me a joke or what you're reading on Twitter @looksnbooks.

WINSTON SEEKS JULIA. Me: 32M Boston. Good conversationalist blessed/cursed with free associative mind that overproduces oddball analogies & dad jokes. You: a lady who loves to laugh (in the face of existential despair). Let's cuddle & fight fascism. IG @nowhereplains

Me: thoughtful, caring 20-something guy, researcher in Boston. You: kind, intelligent woman who can restore my hope in dating. Ideal date: thrift shopping, cozy beer bar, and that NYT 36 questions article. Two truths and a lie: tall, dark, and handsome. Twitter/IG (infrequently) @paulcdavey


25F in Vail, CO. Loving the simple mountain town/resort life. Not a big snowboarder, I live for the summers in CO. Broncos fan for life. Looking for a fun guy who isn't afraid to have a Taco Bell date night. Also looking for something a little more serious. Insta: ashleyrasnick


29F writer seeking culturally aware, faith-based guy who likes live theater, concerts, and weekend road trips. I'm in DC but willing to travel. Check me out on ig @itserinwilliams and shoot me a message.

25F - DC dweller. Travel frequently for work and fun. Lover of hiking, kayaking, movie theaters, podcasts, and yoga. Looking for something serious with a genuine, funny and smart guy. Find me @emilynotforsale.

28F sassy, pragmatic, DC career in need of a punny mate. Desirable parameters land you somewhere beyond Ted Cruz and Jon Voight. Radical feminism a plus! Must love pandas and philosophical banter. IG @mzsmcree.

29F DC I love WWE, reading non fiction, thrift stores, and trying to figure out how to be less on the grid. Looking for a nice, chill dude who doesn't require me to use snapchat. Required: Likes my small dog. Not required but desired: Plays hacky sack. Tweet to @alyssapants to find me

30M DC looking for a woman with whom to share his love of film/theatre, words, & Novak Djokovic. Very much into being socially conscious while still maintaining a high goofiness quotient. Hit me up at my way-too-personal Twitter account: @nikhilll

22F waitress & college student in DC-area, described alternately by Yelp as "quirky and helpful" and "kinda bitchy our soup was cold." Studying Arabic. Seeking human to go to shows with and hold my hand on the green line. Tweets @hannahswears

30F Public media nerd by day and sourdough baker by night. Too many travel plans and never enough PTO for them. Gif and pun obsessed in the D.C. area. Twitter/IG @Amylust

35M in DC, doin' my best to be decent. I like bad jokes, locomoting long distances using my legs, most comestibles, and specific Little Free Libraries around town. I miss blindingly sunny days and my ex's cat. Never sure what I'm doing, which keeps things interesting? More info+contact:


23F with a lot of feelings abt design, social equity, and being an adult in a capitalist society. Looking for friends and/or boys to bike with in the spring and do other fun things besides grabbin drinks. Longshot: if anyone lives in Detroit, hmu on twitter: @npnzk


36M Financial Advisor in NW FL wondering if anyone else in my region is enjoying this tremendous show & wants pseudo-psychoanalyze Randy over dinner! Dog-lover. Believer. Recovering "nice guy." Twitter: @pcunningham3


32F media professional seeking a creative, ambitious intellectual man to share my life with, ages 28-40. Hartford, CT. Affinity for puns, Star Trek, sense of rhythm are pluses. Outdoorsy preferred. Willing to travel 2-3 hours (NYC, Boston) for the right guy. Must be a nonsmoker and not own cats.


33M fantasy sports writer in Frankfort, IL. I love running with my dog Millie. I also love new recipes and live music, and am seeking someone I can share those things with. My happy place is the Chicago Botanic Garden. Tell me about your happy place on Twitter @stevesfantasyad.

New York:

25F graphic designer in NYC looking for a guy who wants to debate best new hip hop releases and is also down to wait with me to get into the neue galerie. Hoping you're funnier than me. IG @heydelaney

22F in NYC - looking for someone that will go to hockey games with me, can make me laugh, willing to listen to me talk about Prague and wants to share their passion with me. slide into my DMs: @blitzkatie

29F in prospect heights. producer of irl events for a podcast you probably listen to. lover of lowercase letters, babka, and puns. seeking a kind dude with a great laugh so my nana stops asking if i've "met anyone interesting lately." my friends say i have good hair.

34F Librarian in JC/NYC seeks man interested in midnight movies, taking long walks, and witty banter. Interested in LTR. IG @kerrylweinstein

25M Rookie Teacher, young Tim Kanie type looking for woman in Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan, type that's an avid reader, willing voted for Hillz, and doesn't mind that I am really into wrestling and sports podcasts. Twitter: @JohnnyDaMan

28M living on Long Island. Interested in women for stimulating conversations & adventurous trips outside of normal hum-drum dating vibes. A fan of traveling, but hate customs? I’m your guy. Searching for that <3 racing love & uncontrollable laughing sessions --


21NB in the Greater Philly Area. Creative at heart, but sold out to the Man and currently working in Social Media. Seeking a sweet, smart, swell gal (or nonbinary pal) interested in diners, indie movies and trivia nights. Twit: @as_in_thedog. Linkedin on Request.


36M Seattle. Cynical finance type seeks obscenely brilliant female who is keen on the idea of barnstorming across the country amassing an unseemly fortune from hustling bar trivia nights before finally retiring quietly to the countryside to raise a new generation of trivia hustlers.


24M who gave up on life so much last week he started looking for jobs in the arctic. In Ottawa, Canada looking for someone fun to explore with. Mildly overweight, but working on it. Sense of humor, loves movies, liked the new Ghostbusters, haven't been on a date since 2007. Twitter: @winemovienerd

No Location:

38M Web Designer/Programmer (nerdy athlete) who loves being active, intellectual, and creative. Seeking a smart woman with interests and passions to share outside-the-box happenings. Ambivert/extroverts welcome. Enjoying fiction genres, and having an active lifestyle is a plus:

33M, recently single, looking for LTR, wants children, but also totally accepting the real possibility of dying alone because ultimately aren’t we all fundamentally alone as we can never truly escape the prison of our own skulls to invite someone to fully share in our experience of being alive? Looking for someone who loves to laugh:

35 y/o with affinity for mountains, drinking wine while cooking, good punctuation and public radio seeks slightly nerdy/socially awkward girl who (ironically) likes to go out. I will never call you stumpy. Twitter: @cdowlatshahi

24 year old lady, theater, book and podcast lover. Looking for a guy to order Chinese and watch Parks and Rec with. Must have a good sense of humor and appreciate a good craft beer. IG/Twitter @jenniemayfield

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