Personal Ads For Podcast Lovers


Tinder finger sore? We’ve come up with the ultimate fix for your lonely bedroom hours — placing a totally free ad courtesy of your favorite podcast.


35F4M Oxford. brunette, mom of one, have two cats, creative with wanderlust, but grounded for the time being as I finish graduate school while working. I'm looking for the partner in crime who can keep up while carving out the space that is uniquely ours. Bilingual or more is a plus!


30M4F Atlanta/ fit dude looking for a girl who finishes her broccoli/lover of brunch, mini golf, and sunset handholding to name a few date ideas/ turn offs: cigarettes, butt selfies, and track suits/ turn ons: intellect, dancing when cleaning, and when you correct my grammar/ ig:caleb_rcd

31M4F Atlanta. Financial economist, failed professor. Likes dogs, has 2 cats. Enjoys craft beer, ostentatious cocktails. Competitive golfer, Jeopardy pro. Watching The Leftovers, Fargo. Political junkie, seeker of contrived social situations, and fan of tall women in Louboutins. Twitter: @BlueSuedeQ


28F4M Baltimore psychology phd/researcher, cat mom, feminist, coffee enthusiast, and meme-lover. Looking for a smart and mature guy to slice with, dance, eat veg food, and laugh until my stomach hurts. What's the best thing you've read or listened to lately? IG @feministdaydream

27M4F Baltimore Comic artist with a day job looking for someone to watch The Fifth Element a few dozen times with. Must be funny, confident, and not afraid to laugh at themselves or me. All are welcome, fellow creatives preferred. IG: @cantdrawcircles

34F4M: Female introverted-extrovert seeks Male extroverted-introvert in and around Baltimore, MD to do pretty much nothing with. Let's not run together, or do CrossFit, or go on epic hikes. Instead let's eat, watch movies, go to the beach and occasionally to Target. Sound good? IG: TheAlphaMo


25M4F. Recently up to Boston from North Carolina. I like being in motion, creativity, getting lost in the woods, Bagelsaurus, waking up in the middle of the night to snack on chocolate chip cookie dough. Equally up for adventures and long conversations in dimly lit bars. instagram: @vmcasbarro

28M4F - New to Greater Boston Area. From Kentucky and very excited to finally be the New England-er I was always meant to be. Love a good sport coat, especially the details (e.g., elbow patches). Semi-academic (wrapping up PhD), and design adjacent (user researcher at product design company). Minimal social media output these days, but can be found on IG: @michael_p_lee

23F4M Bostonian chick looking for someone to hike with, brunch with, Netflix with, cook with, explore the city with, drink way too much tequila and eat way too many tacos with, have existential conversations at 3am with, etc. Not interested in guys who take shirtless selfies or wear skinny jeans. However, if you wear a cowboy hat and/or play guitar, I believe it will automatically make you 64836x sexier. IG @emilayrose.

22 M4F Lanky Bostonian looking for someone to share museum trips, long walk and talks on the esplanade and stormy netflix binges with. I am currently a graduate architecture student who doesn't have much time to date the conventional way. I enjoy deep conversations, pizza, watching sports, ice cream, sarcasm, and good banter. You might find me at the neighborhood basketball court, taking a photo of that random building or dreadfully tired at my studio desk. Reach out on insta or snap @kmfitz26 (for both) if you're at all interested in getting to know me or just looking for a decent conversation!

22F4M Little lost wondering wanderer. I love reading, watching movies and TV shows, going to concerts/shows, and long walks. Looking for the Sam Shakusky to my Suzy Bishop but will settle for someone who can banter with me using TV show or movie references. Huge nerd, overly cynical, and hopelessly romantic (but not looking for a knight in shining armor).

27F4M what goes with dates/ i'd vote for brie/ rather who goes on/ i'd vote you with me// yes, if you're a feminist/ i think we should dine/ i'll tell you my interests/ and you'll tell me thine// in the form of a podcast/ will our vibes be inferred?/ our banter broadcast/ but winks can't be heard// that brie pair rom com/ at gmail dot com

31F4F Bostonian petite redhead seeking a fellow queer gal to lie on my couch and sing along to Steven Universe with me. Likes: co-op video games, playing piano, yes-anding jokes. Monogamous, loves pets but doesn't have any (yet!), genuinely unsure about the kids question since our planet's future is in constant jeopardy..... so, yolo, right? email me =

23F4M Boston i like reggie watts, annie dillard & the illustrations in madeline. u r a feminist who <3s the a r t z. IG: @heyohpetree me which of the 4 humors u r

24F4M Lowkey bikini competitor and full time electrical engineer. Sarcastic, wanderlusting individual searching for a fellow adrenaline junkie, swolemate, and travel companion. I love peanut butter, deep conversations with passionate people, music festivals, and the strongest, blackest coffee Boston has to offer. DM me your favorite coffee shop IG:hleask18

30F4M Boston looking for feminist, smart, animal-friendly dude to discuss nihilism under the stars, have fun with, and maybe date if we decide that's a good idea. IG: smithkelleyew

32M4FWINSTON SEEKS JULIA. Me: Boston. Good conversationalist blessed/cursed with free associative mind that overproduces oddball analogies & dad jokes. You: a lady who loves to laugh (in the face of existential despair). Let's cuddle & fight fascism. IG @nowhereplains

Me: thoughtful, caring 20-something guy, researcher in Boston. You: kind, intelligent woman who can restore my hope in dating. Ideal date: thrift shopping, cozy beer bar, and that NYT 36 questions article. Two truths and a lie: tall, dark, and handsome. Twitter/IG (infrequently) : @PaulCDavey

34F4M Boston writer/editor seeks guy who loves books, trying new bars and restaurants, absurd comedy, puns, and dogs. I also love these things, in addition to podcasts, long conversations, cheese, walks, and weekend trips. Tell me a joke or what you're reading on Twitter @looksnbooks.

30F4M in Cambridge, MA. Science enthusiast, well-socialized nerd, and one-half of a future New England "vest couple." Looking for a guy with good taste in podcasts and half-hour comedies. Tweet me your favorite Trader Joe's snack @aimee_geewhiz.


35F4M Oakland: loves walks in the rain, cinnamon toast, reading all signage in a museum, waking up to Morning Edition, taking long runs, singing while cleaning, exploring, finding beauty in strange places, and saying “Yes!” to anything you suggest to do. Totally into younger guys. Instagram/Twitter: @aliciaostar

46M4F SoCal, just outside Los Angeles. I'm a bearded, kinda nerdy, kinda bookish, kinda quiet single father of 2 looking to connect with a woman who's kinda similar. Let's get off the Bumble/Tinder/OKC treadmill. Twitter: @ericborer

23F4M Born and raised in LA I work in a sales branch in The Industry because of course I do. I hate ketchup. I love bad movies and cooking competition shows. I cannot surf. I dig museums. I gave up on GoT like two seasons ago. I struggle with a sleep disorder so, like, going out is hard sometimes, but all I want to do is go out to shows and movies and parties. @losangalyssa

63F4M LA. By far the most mature person to post on this site, but I’m not someone who goes only where I’m expected . . . Adventurous, humorous, thoughtful, intellectually curious and seeking at least 3 out of 4 of the same. Love cycling - street and mountain - and willing to try almost anything new. (Except Burning Man. Please don’t even ask.)

26F4M Berkeley, CA. Introvert at heart. Extrovert at will. Personal trainer and gym manager. Fitness/health/nutrition enthusiast. Looking for a fit and active guy to cook with, gym with, and hike with. But also a guy to totally nerd out on the latest books with. Sarcasm is a must. Seriously. I need witty banter! IG: jami_fit4life

34F4M Hot mama in the house! Full time boss, kickass mom of 1 and avid camper/hiker/explorer/grower of all things deliciously edible. Split my time between California/British Columbia currently, business affords me flexibility in living location :D Hit me up you big, sexy, cultured, gentleman, you!

31F4M: San Francisco funny, quirky, Jewish dog mom who loves wearing heels and hiking boots. Loves wine. Loves cheetos. Startup marketer by day, standup comedian by night. Big into outdoorsy stuff (backpacking, skiing, hiking, swimming, fishing) Seeking someone who can laugh and make me laugh, challenge me mentally, will be my outdoor adventure playmate. Doesn't want to go to Burning Man. Ever. IG: @michilamouse

28F4M Santa Clara. Non-tech person working in tech. Marine Corps Vet. Lover of podcasts. Partaker of karaoke. Drinker of all things. In search of someone who's as down to spend some time lifting heavy things and putting them back down as they are rolling some dice and pretending to be a half-elf hero. IG: limewhiskey

27F4M Oakland. Direct and agreeable feminist looking for a partner. Was working farmers markets but got skin cancer and then got a fancy new nonprofit job! Taking science classes at night for a masters in plant diseases. Love poetry, block prints, and science fiction. Swiping turn offs: "easy going and laid-back", people who travel as a replacement for getting their lives together, the word "foodie". My email has my full name in it so I guess instagram messages are the thing now? @millayleah

25F4M in SF: Incredibly extroverted Leo/Virgo cusp who loves barre class, urban gardening, brewing kombucha, tacos, and twitter seeks another fun-loving male. Me: thoughtful, loves politics, and will always laugh at your jokes. You: funny/sarcastic, liberal, have strong music opinions, and willing to not shame me for my love of reality TV. IG @bernal_babe

25F4M Checking off a bucket list of fun things to do in Los Angeles. Writing poetry as a creative outlet. Working in daytime talk TV. Looking to build a relationship with a man who won't judge how much I love French Fries. Instagram: @katkorpi

25F4M. LA, CA - Looking for a fun, open-minded guy who loves a good hike, a strong drink and international travel. And who isn't afraid to call himself a feminist. Insta @kelliannfitz

24F4M born and raised in Los Angeles, working in film marketing & PR. My favorite things include: music festivals, saturday nights at cinespia, trips to moca, bar trivia, radiohead, mad men re-runs, films, and awesome podcasts, obviously. Seeking a cool guy who is kind, confident, ambitious, who gets excited by learning new things. IG @jennherrarte

21F4M designer and overall art appreciator in Mountain View. Finds joy in small things like cute coffee mugs, film cameras and vintage buttons. Currently work in tech but am truly a grandma. Just trying to find the WALL•E to my EVE. I'm just an email away:

29F4M Seeking SF-area confident & successful guy for a confident & successful woman. Must love kids and animals (platonically, of course) and have a sense of humor. Let's grab coffee and talk about the latest episode of WoW:

25M4W From the midwest, constantly involved political activist, works in marketing/tech. Has a lot of guitars, plays a lot of guitar. Enjoys skateboarding, morning runs and the arts, especially poetry.

31M4W comedian (improvisor) by night, engineer by day in SF. Seeking funny woman to laugh with. Newly minted extrovert (ex-shy person) making up for lost dating time in my 20's. Waiting for a woman to bring me back to my hopeless romantic roots. Make me laugh and I'll return the favour. Twitter/IG: @sahil

38F4M SoCal beauty (Well-educated! Not baby crazy!) seeks partnership that allows for exploration and growth. Let's dance at live music shows, take long beach walks, host dinner parties, and roadtrip. Introduce yourself with a Spotify mix and receive a reply in kind:

37M4F San Francisco: Bearded writer-artist dude with chunky Ira Glasses seeking funny / smart / writerly lady to browse used bookstores, watch movies, protest sometimes and walk around parks watching raccoons act weird. I'm @owls_mcgee but only tweet when I'm half asleep.

32F photographer with a positive mental attitude looking for a kind hearted, creative guy who knows what he’s about and would get dressed up for an adventure date in a tree house. I love all things Scandinavian, national parks, documentaries, and drinking coffee all day. IG/Twitter: @jemerling


36F4M in Denver, CO. Quirky librarian with irreverent sense of humor. Lover of Broad City, weird music and people. Looking for a a partner in crime - bike rides, mountain adventures, Netflix and chill. Hang out with me long enough and you'll find a library card in your wallet. Insta: anne_ledford

23F4F Fort Collins. Introverted extrovert looking for an active babe who wants to hike and bike, cook together, and do the NYT crossword. Must like reading books and weekend cuddling before brunch. Take me to the art museum, and I'm yours. Insta: @pingsandroses

28F4M Boulder. creative and introverted, multi-racial, beautiful (and usually modest about it) woman seeking introverted, successful, handsome man. Looking for someone who wants to travel the world, live abroad probably in a warm climate (preferably in Asia). Okay with long distance dating. Must like cats and food.

27F4M in Denver, CO. Voracious consumer of podcasts, sociological thinker, singer, career minded, couch lazing, steep hill hiker seeks outdoor oriented professional with an exploratory approach to food who likes to giggle about anything and talk about everything. Insta: hildy_mcflipperton

25F4M in Vail, CO. Loving the simple mountain town/resort life. Not a big snowboarder, I live for the summers in CO. Broncos fan for life. Looking for a fun guy who isn't afraid to have a Taco Bell date night. Also looking for something a little more serious. Insta: ashleyrasnick


29F4M librarian in CT who likes baking, reading mysteries, and hanging out with my dog. It'd be cool if you like to play board games and are interested in the arts, but really just be kind, curious, and funny. Twitter: @abberzzz


34M4W DC adjacent in North Arlington/Courthouse. I'm a cybersecurity consultant who has, in previous professional iterations, been in patent law, rocket science, and rocket science patent law (not making this up). I love live music, cooking, and podcasts. I'm seeking a concert buddy before the end of the world. Interested? Twitter: @ksub2000/Insta: @ksub2000

27F4M Outdoorsy, book reading, baking, beverage and hammock enthusiast on the lookout for a District dude for slow cups of Sunday coffee, biking to museums, cooking big meals and laughing a lot. Plz don't be allergic to cats. Glimpse my 'gram game @saragee18.

25F4M DC. Graphic designer and trivia host looking for someone who's down to drink good beer and great coffee. Insta: @maggiemcvicar

24F4(anyone) extroverted NYC to DC transplant seeking someone kind for adventures in and out of city. Into tacos, podcasts (obviously), public libraries, leftist politics, art museums, late night bike rides, and people watching in Malcolm X Park. Bring your best puns to the table and I'll bring my penchant for dad-jokes. Find me on ig: givemeyourdog

20F4M From NY currently in D.C. interning at a law center. Looking for something organic (which is why I'm posting an ad on a podcast website ?) Anyways, I'm just interested in meeting people in the city and I love this podcast so why not? I'm really into podcasts (duh), dogs (pitblls especially), crushing the patriarchy , and I've rewatched every episode of It's Sunny at least 4x. Bonus points if you're a Friend of the Pod! Twitter/Insta: @OfuJoan

34W4M easygoing yet always busy DC international development consultant looking for a guy who also loves cooking food for a big group of people, open spaces, traveling, and awesome podcasts, obviously. I’m passionate about my job, progressive politics, and continuing to explore and learn. Find me on twitter: @annakl4

32F4M in DC seeking fun-loving guy who likes adventures, laughing, & enjoying the small things. I'm all about interesting conversations, volunteering, running, 90s music, animals, & podcasts. If you're down for coffee, let's go! twitter: @drowninluv

F4M: (almost) 28-yr-old babe looking for a kind, woke man who likes to laugh in the Baltimore/DC area. I'm a columnist, podcaster, and editor and I'm into bread pudding, Buffy, and people-watching. Recently resurrected my dad's records and bought a record player--come listen with me? Insta: @maryadelle

24M4F engineer/policy analyst in DC looking for a lady to sample beers, eat good food, and watch Netflix. I have two cats and make too many dad jokes. Tell me about the last book you read and where we should go for tacos. Twitter: @wschosta

28F4M pro-hipster DC-er who likes books, baseball, boardgames, Birkenstocks, beer, and alliteration. Looking for a guy who can speed walk around the city with me, likes people-watching, and the occasionally wants to fly to Iceland for a long weekend. IG @ksolow

23M4F DC ENFJ Developer seeks woman interested in watching sci-fi while chugging kombucha after long runs and rock climbing. Meet up at the DC climate march? Tweet at my direction:@mightyAmbassad

27F fitness junkie recently returned to DC after a stint abroad on a sheep farm in Ireland and doing the whole grad school thing. Passionate about equity issues, HIIT and making the perfect enchiladas. Find me on IG/Twitter: @lagatamontesa

24F4M DC based West Coast transplant seeking one super cool and smart dude. Being outdoors, geeking out about life, eating peanut butter and to-do lists are just some of the things I'm into. Let's talk about the rest! Even though all I do is re-tweet find me @robynbrigs

26M in DC: Looking for someone who also subscribes to podcast newsletters; fan of bar trivia and finding solitude in public spaces. I’m on Twitter too much, anyway, so DM away: @alexknobel.

29F4M writer seeking culturally aware, faith-based guy who likes live theater, concerts, and weekend road trips. I'm in DC but willing to travel. Check me out on ig @itserinwilliams and shoot me a message.

25F4M - DC dweller. Travel frequently for work and fun. Lover of hiking, kayaking, movie theaters, podcasts, and yoga. Looking for something serious with a genuine, funny and smart guy. Find me @emilynotforsale.

28F sassy, pragmatic, DC career in need of a punny mate. Desirable parameters land you somewhere beyond Ted Cruz and Jon Voight. Radical feminism a plus! Must love pandas and philosophical banter. IG @mzsmcree.

29F4M DC I love WWE, reading non fiction, thrift stores, and trying to figure out how to be less on the grid. Looking for a nice, chill dude who doesn't require me to use snapchat. Required: Likes my small dog. Not required but desired: Plays hacky sack. Tweet to @alyssapants to find me

22F waitress & college student in DC-area, described alternately by Yelp as "quirky and helpful" and "kinda bitchy our soup was cold." Studying Arabic. Seeking human to go to shows with and hold my hand on the green line. Tweets @hannahswears

30F Public media nerd by day and sourdough baker by night. Too many travel plans and never enough PTO for them. Gif and pun obsessed in the D.C. area. Twitter/IG @Amylust

35M4F in DC, doin' my best to be decent. I like bad jokes, locomoting long distances using my legs, most comestibles, and specific Little Free Libraries around town. I miss blindingly sunny days and my ex's cat. Never sure what I'm doing, which keeps things interesting? More info+contact:


25M(4F) outgoing young professional living in Ann Arbor who didn't go to UMich. If you're into live bands, traveling to places you've never been before, or play a sport I've probably never played, hit me up. Or if you just want a cheezy joke I can do that. IG: @RaceMeRobG

23F with a lot of feelings abt design, social equity, and being an adult in a capitalist society. Looking for friends and/or boys to bike with in the spring and do other fun things besides grabbin drinks. Longshot: if anyone lives in Detroit, hmu on twitter: @npnzk


21M4F Gainesville, Finishing my degree in psychology with minors in philosophy and fine arts. & to dovetail with your assumptions, my favorite litmus-test question is “Which is the better dancer: the cactus, or the sunflower?” ‘Tis a sunny way to feel the mind sitting across from you~

22F4M Gainesville. Adventure seeker with a proclivity for eating peanut butter straight out of the jar. Likes urban planning + public parks, hates mansplaining. Moving to NY soon, so if you know of a sublet, hmu. (Wouldn't mind going out for drinks either.) IG: @ansley_eileen

36M Financial Advisor in NW FL wondering if anyone else in my region is enjoying this tremendous show & wants pseudo-psychoanalyze Randy over dinner! Dog-lover. Believer. Recovering "nice guy." Twitter: @pcunningham3


27F4M - Looking for Astronaut Mike Dexter, someone who knows who that is, or even someone willing to binge 30 Rock with me to learn. Let's talk about our favorite podcasts, visit a museum, and beat all of the other teams at pub quiz. Other Interests include dark beer, the Green Bay Packers, pop culture, & a good ampersand. IG/Twitter: @ampersteph

32F4M media professional seeking a creative, ambitious intellectual man to share my life with, ages 28-40. Hartford, CT. Affinity for puns, Star Trek, sense of rhythm are pluses. Outdoorsy preferred. Willing to travel 2-3 hours (NYC, Boston) for the right guy. Must be a nonsmoker and not own cats.


29F4M Boise. looking for someone to have an in-depth conversation with, enjoys pointless weekend excursions, people watching, cooking experimenter/drink connoisseur, active, and independent. IG @talealittle

29F4M Me: extrovert/introvert, enjoy the outdoors with my dog/ random adventures, binge watching Netflix/playing video games, cooking a meal for others/playing host. You: enjoys a good banter/food/drinks even if we don't agree, willing to talk honestly about the big things, goofy/carefree at times, and down to try new things.

24F4M Boise, Idaho - looking for her woke bae. Starting law school this fall. I'm always down to try new things. I also just learned how to swim so you can take me to the beach and not worry about me drowning. Looking for a guy that will watch social documentaries and Broad City with me but will make fun of me for watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians even though he's low-key loving all the drama. IG: @dopequeenpaola

34M Looking for someone to send a witty message. Based in Idaho, but I travel quite a bit. Send me a note, maybe I'll be in your town soon and you can show me the best place to spot squirrels. IG Mark_FromThePark


26F4M Chicago. lover of travel, dive bars, and early 2000s hip hop seeks thoughtful and open-minded partner for witty banter and/or general shenanigans. Find me where I'm at my realest: on Twitter (@ckkitty). Or, if you also love a good "You've Got Mail" romance, at

22F4M Springfield. mom of my cat Alfred and loving it. A recent graduate and still pursuing an education while working full time. Not much one for going out but rather a drink at home to discuss ________!? IG: kylieeeejoooo

27F4M/F - Someone once told me that I reminded them of a Labrador puppy and I'm not mad about it. Your little cousin in seventh grade is probably taller than me, and cooler too, but I'm way funnier and can get into bars. If you can ask me lots of questions, challenge me, recommend podcasts, and don't mind that I will do a lil dance every.single.time. I eat ice cream, hit me up. Bonus points if you look/act anything like Cosima from Orphan Black. *swoon* Insta(/email): britt212m(

26M4F Exceedingly Libra Chicagoan seeks (preferably older) verbal sparring partner, whiskey friend, pity laugh provider. Must enjoy dancing and tolerate vegetarians. If you also struggle with the notion of getting to know someone through text bubbles, email

27F4M. Smart, independent, and super tall, looking for romance in Chicago. Love: my dog, reading, traveling, fun dates, knitting, Lake Michigan, true crime, red wine, this city. Don't love: cigarettes, toxic masculinity.

24F4M in Chicago. Small hands, big dreams. Tall, soft creative professional seeks joke validation and hair compliments. Enjoys the company of other highly-motivated creatives who find joy in little things. Twitter/IG: @michelleloserby

45F4M who is afraid of Tinder and Bumble, but love scary movies - lets see "It". Looking for 40 something coffee enthusiast, with a sense of humor, witty and motivated to find their partner in crime.

31M4M in Chicago. Ep 41 says to seek a guy who is kind/generous. Mostly I’m just looking for a guy with a pulse and a passion. Love: musicals, good design, public transportation. Like: group fitness classes, karaoke, settlers of catan. Dislike: Mushrooms. Flexible on the rest. Twitter: @NextDoorGreg

39M4F New to Chicago (suggestions of places to check out welcome) former academic– PhD, then postdoc– now private sector worker, podcaster, science writer, and cat owner. Looking to date, but also just meet new people. Twitter/IG: @IHStreet

25F4M Jewish East Coaster working as a Media Analyst in Chicago. I'm an art museum visitor, music lover, traveler, and coffee drinker. Looking for a NJB who understands sarcasm, appreciates a good pun, loves dogs, and enjoys drinking a beer while watching some baseball. Don't judge me based on my Twitter: @hendersongoo

24F seeks buff femme, giggly boi, or other queerdo in Chicago to go dancing and maybe smooch. Let's talk podcasts, swap comics, and walk to the beach in the morning. Looking for the real deal and a little self conscious about it. Virgos need not apply. Twitter/IG: @thekateriarchy

27F in CHI If i were a podcast, I would be planet money. I will supply high-quality snacks and continual banter during bike rides and hikes, if you provide a destination and beverages. @hannahgwilson

33M fantasy sports writer in Frankfort, IL. I love running with my dog Millie. I also love new recipes and live music, and am seeking someone I can share those things with. My happy place is the Chicago Botanic Garden. Tell me about your happy place on Twitter @stevesfantasyad.


36F4M - being Irish at Notre Dame is a strange experience. I've joined the PhD world but already planning a return to the private sector (but I'm not supposed to admit that). Oh tea always wins over coffee and nothing beats Saturday mornings at ParkRun. @oh_clare

34M4F. South Bend. Me? half-time woodsman, half-time book nerd. I study fiction for a living, can be found in coffeeshops and bars or cycling along river banks. Into Carly Rae Jepsen and bbq. Write about stuff like James Baldwin, endoscopy, and the apocalypse. You? fiery mind, up for playing outside, possibly w/morbid or absurd sense of humor. Tweet @dan_sinykin

Kansas City:

27M4F Engineer, cyclist, likes to travel. Looking for someone to go on adventures with around the world and share experiences. I like to talk about politics, pretty bad at identifying sarcasm, love going to the cinema and pretty great at planning stuff. email -

24F4M language teacher in Kansas City who scratches the travel itch in the summer months. Seeking a man who doesn’t mind watching Parks and Rec, adding a few stamps to his passport with me, and corny jokes. Send me a good ol’ fashioned email and tell me your favorite place I haven’t been to yet at:

Las Vegas:

22F4M Vegas local. Extroverted engineer not looking for a hook-up just the possibility of something more. Enjoys traveling both to new places around the world and in my city. Dog person but can appreciate cats and likes birds. Can cook but my favorite meal is breakfast at a homie diner. Long days are made easier with coffee, beer, or both. Loves Disney, helping others, and live music. Can be found @amazingadrianna


27F4M in Beverly, searching for an independent, intelligent fella who doesn't take himself too seriously but can hold his own in a conversation and isn't afraid to debate ideas. I can make kale chips that taste like Doritos, my favorite section to explore at the library is travel writing, I love live music but hate big crowds, and the first thing I do every morning is turn on NPR. Want to join me on my hunt for the best chocolate croissant in the Boston area? IG @maggie_w_d

24F4M, Medfield. Silly someone seeking same sensibilities. Me, a 9 to 5 office jockey in the board game and toy industry who lives on a steady stream of escapism and nonsense. You, someone who can dish out as much as they can take, creates comedy out of kindness, and can banter with the big kids. Let's go play outside.


Not as outdoorsy as I should be for living in Montana. I like podcasts, furry animals, books, running, and wasting time clicking through Wikipedia.

New Mexico:

25F4M Albuquerque. Career girl, I honestly forget to date (this isn't a proud or smug sort of forgetting) Sometimes I'll buy food items solely based on packaging design. I think that stems from dating (too?) many graphic designers in my lifetime. But hey, Just looking for someone to listen to podcasts, share music, andddd eat dinner binge watching Vox/or late night shows with. But, mainly and most importantly, someone I can have an intelligent conversation/someone to laugh with. IG: @raevista

32M4F Santa Fe, NM, Vietnamese, not a finance bro even though i'm in finance, Book lover/hoarder, and digging this podcast and looking to see what or who's out there. Would love to meet someone, connect, and have an excuse to travel. email:

New Orleans:

30F4M Sarcastic New Orleans transplant, creature of habit, new home owner, dog mom, football party host, amateur cook, karaoke singer, jukebox dancer. Do you like tequila? Me too! Let's go on a first date that involves more than grabbing a drink. Looking for someone to laugh and travel with until the end of days.

New York:

23F4M/F Brooklyn. Making podcasts for a book publisher. Roller skating in my free time. Looking for a not-ghost to go ghost hunting in abandoned schools with. IG & Twitter both @_becelestial

23F4M Westchester. Young creative working in architecture/interior design. Likes: museums, farms, historic homes, technology & exploring everywhere. Not opposed to running away to Europe and eating all the cheeses @kristypavlick

35F4M in Jersey City event planner in nonprofit medicine working in Midtown. New yet not new to NYC; from Baltimore. I went to Italy alone recently and had a foreshadowing of my retirement in 30 years: sun + sea air + lunchtime Prosecco = naps when not walking. If that sounds like your jam IG is: JosieFridayNYC

33F4M NYC. Casting director for TV/Film. 6'0". Left-handed, blondish, curious, confidently plus-sized, Jewish is a very non-religious way. Into podcasts, reading, hanging out with my dog, going on irrationally far hikes to other boroughs for great ice cream or dumplings. Looking for a smart, literary, fun odd-ball who is easy going and up for some meandering adventures without an itinerary. IG: LainKunin

31M4F. Must love puns. IG@paullogston

30F4M/F Brooklyn. Short archivist with opinions and curiosity. Has MoviePass, not afraid to use it. Looking for true sweeties with a sassy edge and a general habit of rooting for the little guy. Ideal date is anything from dive bars and pinball, to a day trip just for views along MetroNorth's Hudson line, to creeping around abandoned buildings. I'll do the dishes if you cook the dinner. IG: @1.800.malpractice, but you'll have to ask.

30F4M NYC. Me: grad student reading, researching, teaching undergrads how to write. Enthusiastic about poetry, puns, solo travel, history, longform journalism. Bucket list items: hiking the AT, writing for the New Yorker, learning Arabic. You: kind, bookish, intensely curious, fiercely committed to your people and your projects.

28F4M(ostly). Brooklyn. Me: Tall, softspoken, pragmatic, independent Midwestern gal with a lot of strong opinions about art, music, writing and life in general. Allegedly "intimidating" but fundamentally a big soft goofball. You: Introspective and reasonably articulate but, most of all, emotionally prepared to listen and learn. Naming your favorite Stereolab, Yo La Tengo or Guided by Voices song is a plus but not required. IG: @mercurylanes Twitter: @racheldeesmith

24F4M/F Greenlawn. aspiring writer, podcast nerd and third-culture kid who will never turn down good pizza, palak paneer, okonomiyaki or jollof rice (in that order). Enjoys improv/comedy shows, geeking out on the latest comic book releases, breaking out into song and is always ready to get in Formation. Looking for someone to discuss intersectionality over pancakes, to wait on long Comic Con lines for Game of Thrones or X-Files panels, trek or cycle through the mountains, and then commiserate on how torturous the adventure was. Email:

23F4M: Prospect Heights Brooklyn. Doin’ the 8 to 5 thing working as an energy efficiency engineer in Manhattan but thinkin’ there’s more to life than that. Dream about living out of a van and traveling to every national park in the US. Passionate about the environment & health – vegan, zero-waster, fan of farmer’s markets, composting, and farm-to-table restaurants. Can be found rock climbing, hiking, running, camping, cooking, reading, playing frisbee, biking, or just walking around Brooklyn. If you have similar interests HMU! Instagram: @sustainable_in_the_city

22F4M/F New to the city (Brooklyn) and terrible with directions. I love food, cats, and being way too into HBO shows. All my friends are gay as hell, so that pretty much tells you where I'm at personality wise. Did college improv, worked at a comic book store, and I miss California. IG: @allegrabaker

33F4M Kansas Citian located in North Jersey/NYC looking for bike rides, hiking trips, and intelligent conversations. I'm an emergency medicine physician in Newark, so I come full of great stories. IG: @myerskatiem

31F4M - I am a brown-haired white lady with glasses living in Brooklyn CAN YOU IMAGINE?! I like learning about design and how things work, though I'm not a designer of any kind. My friends often assume I'm good at trivia but I think they're tricked by my glasses because I am decidedly NOT GOOD AT TRIVIA, but I have fun being the weakest link. I am looking for someone who values being good above being right. IG: @jannaemig

25M4F Brooklyn - full time goofball/assistant at a children’s media company. Spends too much money on live music, apple products, and brunch. Looking for someone who would like to be out all day on Saturdays, but stay home playing music, cooking, and watching HBO together on Sundays. IG/Twitter: @jesse_for_real

27F4M looking for a guy in NYC. I like podcasts, improv, theater and fitness. I'm looking for someone who has as much wanderlust as me. IG @filipinonoirr

27F4M Astoria NY - Dog loving, banjo playing, wine country gal searching for the best Mexican food in NYC. Looking for the Nick Miller to my Jess, the Astronaut Mike Dexter to my Liz Lemon, the Justin Timberlake to my Jimmy Fallon. Man bun enthusiast. Apple Pie baking kween. ig: @kelseyshhmelsey

26F4M, NYC. Avid hiker, reader, knitter, and ice cream consumer. Looking for hiking companion, reading buddy, knitwear model and ice cream scooper. IG: costumegirl125

24F4M Brooklynite wants to make you pizza and make you feel all tingly inside. Must be okay with listening to Sade. Slip it in the DM in instagram and I'll read your future ;) lol @haleyscomettt

23F Book nerd, Podcast junkie, & generally soft empath. If you like to snuggle up with a partner and read together on a lazy sunday, we'll get along swimmingly. I also have a dog, and he will want to be your best friend. New to New York and looking to explore the city with a funny, smart, & open-minded guy/girl/person. If you're a cool baby, hit me up (IG & Twitter both @sarahpannenberg)

23F (but my mind is older) for M. Hamilton and Mad Men obsessed math teacher from Brooklyn in Brooklyn seeking someone who appreciates dad jokes, is willing to attend bar trivia, won't make fun of me for being a Saints fan, and doesn't want to have sex on the first date (or second). @zebraleopard

21F4M Hopeless romantic living on LI. Going to school for psychology. Hoping to meet a funny, down to earth guy willing to put their all into something real. Lover of cats and dogs. Funny, tall, and spiritual. Curious to what I look like? add me on insta:stephaniemariex3

25F4M. Love high brow conversations about low brow topics, naps, and escaping New York. NYC Jewish girl and look it too. @zoepsky on IG for proof of my love for food, feelings, and Fridays (& alliteration).

29M4F - Westchester, NY. Basically 30something with above average taste in movies and below average taste in music seeking counterpart. Plus if you’re a podcaster who doesn’t mind a man who calls his sister on occasion and won’t judge me for taking pictures of my food (or my shoes). Twitter/IG @HarrisDecker

25M4F in Brooklyn, resisting Trump for a living. Loves watching sports, going to concerts & obsessing over podcasts and good TV. Serves as commissioner of his Bachelor fantasy league and has never met a rooftop bar he doesn’t like. On Twitter @SDQuinn.

23F with a fantastic bf, but looking for a equally fantastic one for her biffle. Doing this for shits & giggles and ready to wingwoman it up. Find her and me at my gram @_carwo. Drop by and say wassup or say something funny.

31M4F Copy editor and news writer for a theater website by day, film critic by night, general arts enthusiast, constant seeker of the sublime in life. Looking for someone in New York City (ideally Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens) similarly stimulated by discovering all the pockets of beauty to be found in the world and excited about sharing it with someone.

27F4M Music industry maven seeking her outgoing and driven partner in crime! Looking for an ambitious guy who sees true beauty in everything. I love music, fitness, comedy, cooking (and eating!), theatre, hiking, travel, karaoke, and much much more. Sagittarius... IG: jessicastrassman

21M Pansexual ISO someone to help carry my emotional baggage. Proudly effeminate (weak), outgoing (obnoxious), sarcastic (cynical), self-deprecating (undelusioned). Seattlite, 6’4”, feminist, scientist, roadtripper. Must be okay with poly. My life is exactly Two Ups 36 Questions. Sc and kik: astrog4

26F4M video producer obsessed with broadway, politics, travel, & game of thrones. fluent in hockey, fan of fall, & friend of the pod. looking for a good dude who wants to go to ikea, explore abandon hospitals in staten island, and binge watch gilmore girls. t: @ashleyhufford

29M4F Buffalo, NY Reserved, easy going, uncertain of most things. I am fairly certain I like my sisters, reading, agriculture, and this podcast. Just another able bodied heterosexual cis white male, BUT I'll do +50% of the housework. Twitter: @SoiloftheMonth

24F4M lady, theater, book and podcast lover. Looking for a guy to order Chinese and watch Parks and Rec with. Must have a good sense of humor and appreciate a good craft beer. IG/Twitter @jenniemayfield

32F4M in Albany seeking fun, sweet, intelligent and feminist guy over 30 for adventures in cooking, baking, hiking and traveling. IG @lorcafrida.

44M4F Jim the Poet: lives in Jersey City, works at a bookstore. Seeks fun lady to go see Wonder Woman with (again). Likes Doctor Who, Experimental Poetry watches MSNBC constantly: @jimbehrle

22F4M Urban planning consultant seeking likeminded urbanist or fellow city enthusiast interested in interracial relationship. Loves a nice glass of red wine, reading on the train and cooking while listening to NPR. IG: kaylagravy

26F4MorF consumer of longform articles and podcasts. Getting an MS in human-computer interaction, emphasis on the human. Looking for M or F who wants to dive bars and make fun of things with me. New to NY. Say hi on IG/Twitter @saltzshaker

23(tall)F4(tall)M Am a kind, Midwestern, analog gal/old soul but still HIP…Crown Heights dweller who loves Prince, Portlandia, prosciutto…should I keep w/ this ‘p’ theme? appreciates a nice hotel robe and a good Chianti…independent spirit interested in someone of a similar nature. did not proof read this listing. Reach me on IG @discochild

32F4M Looking for someone to explore my new ‘hood in Brooklyn with, who loves animals, and can make me laugh until my stomach hurts. Must value kindness, loyalty & compassion. Can’t be afraid to unbutton your shirt and relax over an old fashioned at happy hour after a long day of work. IG: stackach

26F4M Copywriter in NYC looking for a guy to split all the items we want to try at any given restaurant, cause two plates are better than one. Love yoga, slow jogging in the park, and exploring every corner of the city. Your willingness to sing along with Broadway show tunes at Marie's Crisis is a major plus. IG: @hilaryann30

26M4F LI/NYC with heart of gold seeks a kind, intellectual, easy going soul mate. Seeking a fellow lover of nachos, body rollers, liberal ideals, and nerdy card games. Washout consultant now atoning in reproductive healthcare. Must fit in with a group of 15+ monogamous, judgmental quasi-alcoholics:

25F4M new-ish to Northern NJ, looking for a new reason to travel into NYC to explore hidden history, art, and theater. I garden, travel, and knit. You are into learning, have a passion (or two!), and like to get outside. Join a bar trivia team with me? IG @pynetree

25F(4M) - Brooklyn Jewess seeks a thoughtful man. I'm a software engineer but my heart is in books, doodles and jokes. I want someone who knows how to have a little more fun than I do. @leah_steinberg

30F4M: Brooklyn based edtech advocate and yogi with a baking habit and multiple book clubs. Looking for a socially conscious, funny, razor-witted Friend of the Pod who’s down for visits to the Brooklyn Museum or BBG on our bikes. Find out how bad I am at IG: @tlfreet

31M living in crown heights with his cat. Loves playing and watching hockey, drinking too many cups of coffee and watching Jean-Luc Picard get out of any situation. Let's do the sunday crossword in prospect park over some brown bags. IG: @jabjr

27F Brooklyn scientist/politics junkie; outdoorsy world traveler who prefers real talk to small talk, pairing spicy food w/pints of craft beer. Seeking (26+) Ira Glass-type, prefers experiences over things, can quote Bojack Horseman with me. Fellow German/Mandarin learner a plus! IG: @brooklynham

34F4M in North Jersey/NYC has traveled all over the world and is finally sick of doing it solo. Seeking enthusiastic male who must love debating whatever topic I heard on NPR recently (yes, including politics!) IG: eastoflaura

23F4M Amateur podcaster looking for a resident woke bae in NYC. The weather's nice so I need an excuse to get out of my apartment. Dipping my toes into health and wellness so I need a dude to yell at me and force me to do yoga with them. I love cooking for other people, pop culture, Migos, and hate watching Girls. IG-@babyhurr

31F in NYC looking for someone to go on a walk with my dog chewy to the library and pick out a good book, before heading to the park to drink bourbon and play bananagrams. fave emojis: [octopus]&[raises hands] @tayten

27M4F outgoing political organizer and do-gooder in Park Slope. Looking for a woman who might be down to ride bikes, do activism together, fall in love (tentatively). Get in touch on twitter & see maybe too much about politics, or on IG and see how much I love interesting buildings and strangers' animals: @spllck

28F, lives in brooklyn, avid reader/listener of records, interested in actually going to each spot featured in "the neighborhood joint" of the nyt, work in science during the day while attempting silkscreen at night. two cats, glasses, love soft but not too pungent cheeses. follow me @fanfare_in_the_garden

24F4M brooklyn based art director originally from alabama seeking human man who i can woo with my southern charm. must be a feminist and accepting of my one true love, bruce springsteen. tell me what your favorite movie is on IG: @lesueurcourtney

24M4F in Brooklyn who does Social Media for two TV shows and performs sketch comedy for web. I love rom coms, Harry Potter and talking social justice issues. Looking for a woman that is driven, funny, and makes obscure pop culture references. IG: @jimbodelb23

33M NYC loved by pets all across America. Love music, shows, and tasty food. Not good at writing about myself, but I’ve only made an omelette once without breaking any eggs & don’t think I’m capable of another miracle, so here we are. I’ve been told I’m fun to hang out with. IG: rockpaperadam

25F Brooklyn designer with a fondness for handlettering, podcasts, and hunting down old school photobooths around the city. Was once voted "Most Likely To Throw Their Own Roast" by friends. Looking for a future dog-baby daddy IG: lzbthmlly

24M4F NYC into theatre, photography, fitness, and music. Health and wellness play a big part of my life. Looking for a girl who will explore, hike, bike, and watch GIRLS with me. Don't really drink all that much, so think outside the box for dates! IG: @jamsgirard.

25F4M graphic designer in NYC looking for a guy who wants to debate best new hip hop releases and is also down to wait with me to get into the neue galerie. Hoping you're funnier than me. IG @heydelaney

22F in NYC - looking for someone that will go to hockey games with me, can make me laugh, willing to listen to me talk about Prague and wants to share their passion with me. slide into my DMs: @blitzkatie

29F4M in prospect heights. producer of irl events for a podcast you probably listen to. lover of lowercase letters, babka, and puns. seeking a kind dude with a great laugh so my nana stops asking if i've "met anyone interesting lately." my friends say i have good hair.

34F4M Librarian in JC/NYC seeks man interested in midnight movies, taking long walks, and witty banter. Interested in LTR. IG @kerrylweinstein

25M4F Rookie Teacher, young Tim Kanie type looking for woman in Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan, type that's an avid reader, willing voted for Hillz, and doesn't mind that I am really into wrestling and sports podcasts. Twitter: @JohnnyDaMan

28M4F living on Long Island. Interested in women for stimulating conversations & adventurous trips outside of normal hum-drum dating vibes. A fan of traveling, but hate customs? I’m your guy. Searching for that <3 racing love & uncontrollable laughing sessions --

North Carolina:

24M4F Durhamite, currently. Developing iPhone apps during the day, being a huge nerd all the time. I'm into hiking, reading, learning and board games. Definitely more of an in-person person than anything else. Email: (feel free to FB stalk me), Snapchat: mikeybee93

25F4M Alaskan living in the south (Durham). Most likely to wear a dress in the snow. English & history degrees. Working on my master's. Curious about religion & politics. Passionate about the lives of rural people. In my free time I work as an advocate for survivors of sexual assault. Also a fan of brownies and wine.

24F4M/F, young progressive professional in Raleigh looking for someone to go on ghost walks with, go on adventures through Hyrule or Alola, find new pubs and coffee shop and help me look for a dog. Must at least tolerate cats and have seen the movie Ghostbusters. IG: teatimewtori

39F4M Creative in a banking city (Charlotte). Confident, intelligent, attractive, looking for the same. Have kids, faith, a healthy supply of wine, and some pretty impressive yoga moves. The goat is not coming on our date. #sorrynotsorry Twitter: @breeannewalters


26F4M in Columbus. I am a 26 yr old music junkie who loves live music and being out and about. If I'm not at a show I am at home with my pup Stella reading a good book or catching up on a show. I am looking for someone to go on adventures with since I am constantly on the go. Twitter @aledee15

26F4M / Columbus, OH Seeking male partner in crime (or food). Looking for someone to drink with on a patio, ideally while sharing nachos. For new gal friends too. DM me a dank meme on IG @jess__fang (that's two underscores)

31F4M writer seeking funny, kind, feminist dude who's cool with being polite to everyone in the room. I love storytelling, podcasts, and being outside all summer. Let's go watch some roller derby and grab a beer after! Find me on Twitter @MerylWilliams Columbus, Ohio


28F4M, Omaha. Quirky accountant looking for a smart, kind feminist man who isn't afraid to take a girl on an actual date. Must love dogs, music, travel, and good food. Tell me your favorite pun on Twitter/IG: @devtier.


28F4M: In my late 20s, but feel more at home amongst the geriatric crowd. I've perfected the art of eating Captain Crunch without it really messing up my mouth. Just looking for someone who appreciates that about me. IG: @coupdepec

30M4F man child seeking a nice girl with a smile that melts my heart + mind. A co-pilot to kill time with me in Portland Oregon. Anything to take my mind off the fact life is pointless and we die alone :) Whateves, lets get some pizza


28F4M Philadelphia located Boston sports fan. I love spending time outside, especially at the beach and running. Let’s throw axes! @KLSMGillis

39M4F in Philadelphia. Political world career turned software developer with a continuing passion for public policy, social impact businesses, and environmental preservation. Love coffee, hiking, finishing my runs, and salsa. Learning to salsa dance - in search of a lifetime partner to dance and eat salsa. "If you are whip smart, warm, and want a friend to canoe the Yukon with, you are looking for this big guy!!!" -G Steinem IG: @curly_day Twitter: @curly_day

22M4F Philadelphian administrator at a high school. I get to make sure kids don't fight each other and encourage them to come school. My dream is to compete in the 2022 winter Olympic games. I love to dance, learn, meet new people and chill at bars with friends. One of my favorite things to do is go to the movies by myself on Sunday afternoon. Insta:@gorkasbiyah

32F4M/F/NB New to Philly, likes photography, live music, fancy dresses, science, talking too much, learning new things. Seeking nonvanilla someone who is kind, professional, creative and low maintenance. Bonus points for camera/guitar skillz. Let's learn to dance! IG: @corvus_tristis

28M4F South Jersey/Philly area. Lumberjack/firefighter/traveler settling back home in NJ. Looking for lover of sports, nature, history, and musicals. Must like beards and tattoos. Let's go to the shore. Twitter: @PontiacHotShot

23F4M, Pittsburgh. Creative Director for a Juice Lab. likes: coffee, healthy foods. indie films. podcasts. working out. comedy. traveling. looking for: Christian male to do life with. Twitter: @cthokes

23F/Philly suburbs who is shy but wants to try new things. Looking for someone who likes to go to art museums/galleries, enjoys drinking beer and is not a picky eater. IG: @kitten_hawk

27F4M Philly-based mad scientist who likes to exercise, swing dance, and cook. Looking for banter, puns, adventures, and mutual interest in dogs and trivia. IG: @gott.leah / Twitter: @Leahgottscience

21NB4F/NB in the Greater Philly Area. Creative at heart, but sold out to the Man and currently working in Social Media. Seeking a sweet, smart, swell gal (or nonbinary pal) interested in diners, indie movies and trivia nights. Twit: @as_in_thedog. Linkedin on Request.


22/F/PHX looking for someone to debate the simulation hypothesis with while cooking dinner and explain my favorite meme to at the end of the day. ultimately, are you willing to read my textbooks to me? I'll make you a playlist and we can long over each other on twitter: @xoxo_jojo_


42F4M nurse, helper, friend, creative. content with solo life, but maybe I should try to date? I enjoy quiet, cozy times, and nice people. also, travel, action movies, karaoke, and sharing food. I like dogs and cats equally, but cats make me sneeze. IG: @ch3wzy

33F4F/NBQ playful queer artist with an analytical side looking for a toppy switch to legit woo me with smart words and dance moves while figuring out the next move in this late capitalist world IG: contourbyrail

38M4F Seattle designer trying to find a partner in crime. Looking for someone optimistic, engaging, and curious about the world around them. Into: podcasts, books, and the arts in general. If creativity inspires you, we'll get along great! IG: @jameszerkel

32F night shift nurse in Seattle. Big smile. I laugh easily & whistle absent-mindedly. Looking for a positive soul who has mastered the balance of hibernating (with nachos) and exploring (with whiskey). IG: @berlgerl

36M4F Seattle. Cynical finance type seeks obscenely brilliant female who is keen on the idea of barnstorming across the country amassing an unseemly fortune from hustling bar trivia nights before finally retiring quietly to the countryside to raise a new generation of trivia hustlers.

South Dakota:

34F4M seeking funny, progressive fella who likes indie tunes and cute, fat feminists (because I am one). In the middle of nowhere, so if you just wanna be my Twitter boyfriend, that's cool. Twitter/IG: @abbybischoff


21F4M| Dallas, TX| Bio-Engineering| smart, sarcastic, funny, 90's hip hop loving woman seeing an intelligent man who loves comedy, true crime shows and podcasts, has ambition and wit. Must be social and have a great sense of humor. DM me. IG: @maddygascar_

26F4M in San Antonio- Works in marketing for web-hosting company, bookworm but a social butterfly, no carb left behind, loves puppies and traveling, searching for a man who can make me laugh, will watch The Real Housewives, and has a good sense of direction. On Instagram @catherinelepie

25F4M Event Coordinator | Houston, TX | Introvert with extrovert tendencies, looking for someone to discuss nerdy things with and enjoys doing random things anywhere. Must be able to help with my fantasy football league(s) Twitter & Instagram: @branditrieu

22F4M | Austin, TX | Short & sweet publication designer/total night owl with a loud laugh & intense passion for music seeks a smart, funny & optimistic beau to go to the symphony, see some stand-up, & even Netflix & chill with. IG/Twitter: @moremercurial

29M4F Dallas. Tall, dorky, but we'll dressed, dude seeking someone who is loves to joke around, be social and has a big heart. I love to swing dance, it's my passion, all other dancing is nice too. I'm in sales and recruiting, so I love to talk. I have the loudest laugh. I'm a huge story teller. IG: swingfool

27F4M Content Strategist | Writer | Austin, TX | Impatient, realist, bookworm, escapist who's into science fiction, nerd-y things and clever banter seeks liberal, witty male specimen that can navigate their way through scintillating conversation. Twitter & Instagram: @Larissaesque

53M4F Nice Jewish Gentleman looking for a Nice Jewish Woman to dance through life with. I'm looking for someone younger because I want to be a Dad. The right woman would want to take ballroom dance lessons, be independent-minded, passionate about making the world a better place through social action, and have a love of laughter. I'm Mention whyohwhy. I'm in Dallas, Texas.

25F4M in Fort Worth: loves reading, going dancing, listening to live music (esp. jazz), enjoys craft beer, staying active, and travelling. Seeking a feminist, environmentally conscious guy over 25 who is smart, fun, and also views the world with an open mind. IG: misstyler_renee

Twin Cities:

24F4M Minneapolis designer trying to find a partner in crime. Minimalist at heart that also loves craigslist furniture finds. Looking for a light-hearted and kind soul interested in art openings, evening walks, and game nights. Find me on insta: @plywud

23F4F aspiring Twin Cities hipster, grad school going, scary movie loving, avid podcast/audiobook listener. Passionate about equity, people watching, some sports, but mostly witty humor. Feel free to inquire more on IG @stephbesst

31F4M in Minneapolis, MN - Scientist, baker, and cocktail-ingredient-maker. Looking for intelligence, kindness, and someone to join me for a Firefly marathon. Tweet me your favorite ice cream shop in the Twin Cities: @findingmykd

25F tech sales rep who is around the Twin Cities, MN. Looking for someone a few years older that is established in life. Seeking confidence, honesty and someone who is NOT Passive - Aggressive ( hard to find in MN). Im a thrill seeker looking for new experiences. IG: abbyswen

29F4M lady seeking a feminist, dog-loving dude in Twin Cities area with a sense of humor. I won't run a marathon with you but I'll cheer you on the sidelines while happily drinking wine. I'm great partner to have at game/trivia nights. Find me on Twitter: @MalloryAHayes


26F4F Single queer femme dog mama seeks fellow true crime enthusiast/member of the stay home club/rad queer. I dig walks and low-key hiking, french fries, drinking overpriced chai, and trying to get my anxious dog to leave the house. Wanna enjoy the last dregs of summer with me? @katieroconnell

22F news junkie vegetarian in central va. looking for someone to ride bikes and learn a new language with. send me cute raccoon pics on insta: @sorry2disappoint


26F4M: Me-Melbourne, Australia. Jewish-ish single gal with chutzpah. I love podcasts, docos, films with subtitles, salsa dancing and writing. You: a romantic optimist, independent, ambitious and cultured. IG:gabby_oh_


23M4F - introverted extrovert. I like playing guitar, basketball and videogames. I like to think I know how to write short stories, but I definitely don't know how to write about me in those things. You can find me @dpereira14 on IG and Twitter. Let's chat!


30F4M someone adventurous, that appreciates travelling, concerts/ music festivals, open minded, smart, feminist. instag: @yosoypaomv


30F4M in Vancouver. Novel-reading grad student, Jew, knitter of sweaters and maker of compost seeks handsome and kind man with whom to go to protests, mountains, bars on weeknights, and my mom's on Friday nights. @maayanster

27M4F in Vancouver. I make art with code, and I market stuff. One's a living, but the other gives me life. Huge fan of type 2 fun, especially Olympic weightlifting and backcountry camping. You're a tall, smart, kind weirdo who puts in the work, can back it up on the dance floor, and doesn't mind being covered in dog fur. IG @konoff, twitter @andknf.

26F4M, Toronto. Feminist seeks same. Must love dogs and badass women. Words that describe both of us: creative, driven, passionate, empathetic, weird(ish). I have diverse interests, and hope you do too. A big ole lumberjack beard is a plus. ig: @skbelletkin

24M4F: Software developer during the day but spend my evenings delving into photography, cooking, craft beer, music and of course podcasts. Looking for someone fun and independent to share my hobbies with and just get to know them. Currently based on Ottawa but exploring my options. Twitter: @k_thukral

24M4F in Vancouver, BC. Looking for someone who dances like no one’s watching. Looking for a cohost to put away coats, when dinner needs some finishing touches. Looking for a tourist who gets lost trying to find that park with the good swingset. Looking for a gentle push beyond my comfort zone, but maybe also a balancing force when I’m starting to neglect house plants. Looking for laughs that start from the inside.

23F4M in Toronto. Chemical engineer(ing student)/occasional programmer who reads far too much non-fiction for their own good. Adventure loving, accident prone, and looking for someone to laugh with. Twitter: @sabtweetssports

31F4M, Toronto. photographer seeking ambitious, kind, light-hearted soul who wants to talk about the Polaris long list over craft beer. Looking for someone who is okay staying in the present, as I'm not ready to plan for the future. Bonus points if you don't have a 9-5 schedule. I don't hate your job, I'll just rarely see you. Insta: @lindsayinmotion

24F4M Medical Administrator in Ontario, who's still trying to figure out what she wants in life. But I do know I want to live in the mountains, with my car who acts like a dog (she's weird like me). Twitter🐦 @cgarneauxx

30M4F Creator of things in Edmonton area. Looking for that perfect mix between compassionate, empathetic, ambitious and fun. IG @ibenja or @lookwhatwebuilt

38M4F in Canada, Ontario on the shores of Georgian Bay. Looking to meet a like minded nice girl. Who loves dogs, the outdoors, being open minded and just a really a nice person who doesn't judge. And a good level of weird is good in my books too! Someone who will spend a year making a Halloween costume, or help me 'Griswald' my house at Christmas. Or laugh and roll her eyes. Insta: canoeboat

24F4M Museum Marketing Manager, feminist, animal lover and avid podcast listener (obviously) living in Kitchener-Waterloo region in Ontario. Seeking conscientious, considerate, cool man who is patient with slightly anxious types. Tweet at @jennavanklav.

24M who gave up on life so much last week he started looking for jobs in the arctic. In Ottawa, Canada looking for someone fun to explore with. Mildly overweight, but working on it. Sense of humor, loves movies, liked the new Ghostbusters, haven't been on a date since 2007. Twitter: @winemovienerd


27F4M in Germany. I like movies that make me think and songs that make me cry. Cyclist and urban explorer. Looking for a fellow wanderer who will finish my beer for me. Must like tacos. @elana.ha


27 M4F In Bangalore, India. Enjoys good conversations on anything from quantum physics to Tay coming back on Spotify or Jezza residing in Downing Street. First foray after a while so this should be new. Twitter at @mithileshg


26F4M Pragmatic, optimistic American looking for someone who genuinely wants a life of adventure, i.e. moving at least every 5 years and seeing as much of the world as possible. My disposable income goes towards good food, books & travel. Must love political and/or media conversations, ideally over wine or craft brews. Looking for a solid sense of humor and genuine self awareness. Passion for cycling a huge + Twitter: @srmBAKER

23F4M Graphic designer and pineapple lover recently moved to London. Looking for someone to go to gigs with and take pictures of/with. I also haven't been to Tate modern in a while, you in? Gingers get extra points! IG: luthiem.escalona

32M4F London, or close enough. experimental psychologist and anglican priest. Seeking someone to split headphones with. Likes broccoli and dinosaurs; dislikes potatoes and spiders. @jontweetshere

New Zealand:

33F4M born and bred Aucklander who loves reading and volunteering even though studies say it's unattractive to men. Introverted extrovert with too many hobbies and trouble focussing, but is also kinda lazy. Likes hiking, photography, watching TV, cooking, beer, comedy, learning languages, eating, podcasts, travel, wine, music, theatre, coffee... IG: ange.lees


31m podcast enthusiast seeking a listening partner in the netherlands. i'm looking for a woman who writes like she's running out of time, and runs like she's got all the time in the world. @tonymevans


36F long term American expat, living in Singapore. Divorced with two amazing daughters and an elderly one-eyed cat. Artist/ printmaker at heart but working as a designer. Yogi, vegetarian, and I cook spaghetti like a character in a Murakami novel. IG @jdb_2480

No Location:

24F4M Who loves listening to podcast that deals with crime or dating (I know weird combination) Netflix binging, random adventures to the beach or new restaurants, and conversations at the bar over a drink or two. Looking for new dating opportunities and friends who don't mind meeting up and hanging out. Instagram: mr_ace310

23F4M Silly analyst seeking good company. Not sure what that exactly entails but isn't that the beauty? Lets see where this can go. On IG: @_tiffanytsui

43F4M Smart, fun, fit animator, mom. I get 'You kinda look like Nicole Kidman' often. Into art, brunch, NPR? Me too! Thrift stores & indie film? Yes! I'm 5'8" & wear high heels so, tall.

24F4M extroverted introvert never in one place long enough. Loves sports, coffee, sunny weather, traveling, food, and much more... Looking for someone ok with distance but is game enough to join me on one of my adventures! IG: saralyns10

34F mama of one, boss, dog lover and gardening novice looking for a strong/gentle/smart/funny man to do life with. Must want children and love travel, community, and service. Christian.

22F • web developer introvert; location independent nomad who has come to terms with the fact that meeting someone when you're in a new city or country every few weeks is not A Thing™ • has nice curls, likes tacos, mezcal, art, travel & yoga • tweet me, beep me, if you wanna reach me  @confetticole

23M Sound Designer, Theatre Maker, Feminist (for realsies). Looking for someone to listen to podcasts, dissect sci-fi universes, and find the city's best mac and cheese with. Interested in LTR but not necessary.

35F4M optimistic rationalist, nature-loving scientist. Seeking outdoorsy, kind, financially stable, fit, progressive, witty, smart guy that reads books and follows the campfire rule for a serious long term balanced partnership + adventure.

38M4F Web Designer/Programmer (nerdy athlete) who loves being active, intellectual, and creative. Seeking a smart woman with interests and passions to share outside-the-box happenings. Ambivert/extroverts welcome. Enjoying fiction genres, and having an active lifestyle is a plus:

33M, recently single, looking for LTR, wants children, but also totally accepting the real possibility of dying alone because ultimately aren’t we all fundamentally alone as we can never truly escape the prison of our own skulls to invite someone to fully share in our experience of being alive? Looking for someone who loves to laugh:

35 y/o with affinity for mountains, drinking wine while cooking, good punctuation and public radio seeks slightly nerdy/socially awkward girl who (ironically) likes to go out. I will never call you stumpy. Twitter: @cdowlatshahi

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