Named a best podcast of 2016 by
The New York Times,
NPR, Huffington Post, IndieWire and Apple Podcasts. 

Why Oh Why is a weekly podcast that launched on the Panoply Network in September 2016. The show is hosted by Andrea Silenzi, and in each episode, she speaks with friends, experts, and random guys in bars about where love and sex meets technology. Blurring the lines between memoir, documentary, and fiction, Why Oh Why aims to discover greater truths about relationships and dating.



Apartment Therapy: 5 Podcasts to Binge On While You GSD This Weekend
"Andrea Silenzi interviews fascinating people of all different backgrounds about relationships and dating for this great Panoply show. Every episode has something interesting to share, but #8, How Will I Know, brought me to tears in my kitchen. Start there! I strongly suspect this podcast is especially cathartic if you've recently gone through a breakup, but regardless of your current relationship status, it's a super entertaining show."

The Daily Dot: The 13 podcasts you should be listening to right now
"The creativity and scope of her episodes never fail to surprise me, and through the lens of this show and our cheering for Andrea’s happiness, we’re all cheering a little bit for ourselves."

Paste Magazine: Love(lessness) and Dating in the Age of Podcasts with Why Oh Why's Andrea Silenzi
"The dating podcast Why Oh Why is a magical hodgepodge of fact and fiction, of interviews and of introspection, of dudes in bars and dudes in radio studios, of pre- and post-inaugural dating advice. I'll admit that in the aftermath of my own breakup, I couldn't listen to it. It reminded me of all the feelings I was trying to not feel, all the thoughts I was trying not to think, all the questions I was trying not to ask. Do I hate men? Can meddling help a date?"

New York Times: The Best New Podcasts of 2016
"In this auditory exploration of modern love, Andrea Silenzi plays both host and subject, delving into strangers’ romantic entanglements and processing her own with the same warm, wry curiosity. The show mimics dating’s emotional roller coaster, careening from the excruciating awkwardness of a real first date to the quiet heartache of Ms. Silenzi’s latest breakup." 

Splitsider: This Week in Comedy Podcasts
"Andrea Silenzi is the queen of cold calls. Way back when Why Oh Why was on the radio, Andrea began a yearslong live-in relationship when she took a first date on Skype under the guise of her show. She’s quietly assembled some of Squarespace’s best ads in some time by forcing her Slate co-producer Chris Berube to confront a man with the same name and better search engine optimization than him on the phone. And now, she’s landed an interview and – spoiler – a date with Mike, the hottest guy on Bumble."

Huffington Post: 15 Notable Podcasts That Came Out In 2016
"There are plenty of podcasts about love and dating out there, but 'Why Oh Why' stands apart from the crowd."

The A.V. Club: Podmass
"One of the most appealing aspects of the dating podcast Why Oh Why is witnessing the journey of host Andrea Silenzi, who found herself newly single just a few episodes into its reboot. The fallout from her long-term relationship changed the fabric of the show, shifting her from curious observer to cautious dater."

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WAMU & NPR’s The Big Listen: 11 Favorite Podcast Episodes of 2016
"It’s an intimate portrait of love and loss that at times is deeply uncomfortable to hear because of how closely it cuts to the bone. Which is the precise reason you should listen."

New York Magazine: The Globalization of Local Radio
U.S. hosts recommend their favorite shows.

Vulture: 20 Great Podcasts Under 25 Minutes Long
"Andrea Silenzi, the host and creator of this bizarre podcast, is a genius of the cringe. Her show interrogates romance and human relationships in the digital age, but it does so in a manner that defies shape and form." 

Splitsider: The Year in Comedy Podcasts, Best Live Event
"Silenzi’s Panoply revival has ridden audiences through a rollercoaster of emotions via the frayed threads of surprising characters from her longtime foil Randy to her own traumatic experiences in the dating game."

Bello Collective: 100 Outstanding Audio Stories of 2016
The concept is simple: ten single straight guys, half in a studio in D.C., the other half in a studio in Brooklyn. They talk about their dating philosophies. Which might be boring, if it weren’t for host Andrea Silenzi who brings so much wonderfulness to this situation that you’ll barely believe it.

Splitsider: This Week in Comedy Podcasts
"If fans of Andrea Silenzi’s original iteration of Why Oh Why? on WFMU had any doubts about her new revival on Panoply, they were shattered in the first few seconds of the single straight guy focus group." 

The A.V. Club: Podmass
"The latest Why Oh Why? posits itself as a must-listen right off the bat, when host Andrea Silenzi tells the story of having to conduct an interview about dildos the morning after election night."

Splitsider: This Week in Comedy Podcasts
"Until now, it never would have been appropriate to categorize Why Oh Why? as cringe comedy: the queasy reality of dating that Andrea Silenzi coaxes from people doesn’t line up with the Ricky Gervais style of manufactured awkward situations. All that changes when Silenzi brings in Dave" 


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