#13: Single Straight Lady Focus Group

Dispatches from the front lines of dating, as told by fourteen swinging bachelorettes.

Back in episode #1, we welcomed 10 dudes into the studio to shout about their dating lives. This week, our latest focus group invites 14 single ladies in New York and D.C. to chat about the many thrills and face palms that come with dating men. Is finding a partner essential to our longterm happiness? Why (oh why!) we should ever hesitate before sending a double text?

Join our next focus group: We’re are now casting another focus group – this time for guys who want KIDS. If you’re in NYC or DC. send us a note. Whether you’re cis or trans, straight or queer – if you want to be someone’s Dad someday, we want to hear from you. Send a note to whyohwhy@panoply.fm.

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