Wait, what's going on? 

It's not you, it's us... It's time for Why Oh Why to take a break. That's not to say the show will never come back. The future's uncertain (just like our own relationships). TKdetails that we want to share about where Andrea's going to be doing at LST? 

What will I listen to now? 

Lucky for you, we have a ton of great colleagues with brand new shows we think you'll love. You can hear more from those hosts in this episode: 

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And subscribe to Family Ghosts, By The Book, TKother things. [will be linked]

What about the Personal Ads? 

If you wrote a personals ad, we’re leaving them up until 12/28 and then we’re striking them from the internet. If there was someone you were going to message and you’ve been putting it off, now’s the time.