Wait, what's going on? 

It's not you, it's us... It's time for Why Oh Why to take a break. That's not to say the show will never come back. The future's uncertain (just like our own relationships), but stay tuned, and follow @AndreaSilenzi to keep up with new endeavors. 

What will I listen to now? 

Lucky for you, we have a ton of great colleagues with brand new shows we think you'll love. You can hear more from those hosts in this episode: 


Here's where you can subscribe to Family Ghosts, and By The Book

What about the Personal Ads? 

If you wrote a personals ad, we've struck them from the internet, so don't worry about asking us to take it down when you've found your person. We hope you had a few great dates, or at least met a fellow fan in your area!