#47: Puppies or Ice Cream?

Helen Zaltzman has a way with words, which is why we're putting her to work solving one of the trickiest parts of online dating—composing your opening messages. Some lines can break the ice, while others just throw more ice into the void. Plus, Mandy Len Catron helps us become better matchmakers.

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Join us for a live taping at Chicago Theater Works on Thursday, November 2nd, including an old-fashioned dating game with Chicago’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. Our live show will be part of The Fest, curated by the Third Coast International Audio Festival, a spectacular two-week lineup of live podcasts in Chicago this November, in venues across the city.

Tickets are $25, and available at thefestchicago.com.

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#46: Leagues Over The Sea

This week, with Bumble Mike in tow, we set sail on a singles mixer, organized by The League. Is finding a date while stuck on a boat easier than swiping through the apps? And more importantly, who's your favorite yacht rock artist?

#45: My Friend the Human Shield

In this episode, we talk to a human shield and a human billboard. Today's show comes from Andrea's recent appearance guest-hosting Slate's The Gist podcast.

#44: Going Out with Randy

Can flirting with your problematic friend help you date better in the wild? Our regular guest, Randy, stops by to help your host cure a bad case of first date burnout.

#43: A Man and a Woman Walk into a Bar

Today on the show, we’re finally tackling the question we're asked the most frequently as a podcast about dating: "Who should pay for the drink on a first date?"

#42: One Short Episode

When determining your criteria for a date, how much should height matter? We'll talk to one woman who has always known exactly what she's looking for in a partner. Anna Goldfarb is a journalist and author of the book "Clearly I Didn't Think This Through." She has also written about her relationship for the New York Times